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We’re interested in long term relationships vs. short term product sales. As a result our comprehensive approach involves:

  • An initial 90 minute consultation-getting to know each other as well as fact finding to establish your retirement goals along with assessing your current situation
  • A second meeting-presentation of a detailed, written personalized plan to achieve your established goals along with plenty of time to answer questions and concerns
  • Implementation of the plan when you feel comfortable moving forward
  • On- going annual reviews to adjust your strategy should needs or circumstances change with additional consultations at any time via phone or scheduled appointment
  • Educational workshops and forums along with quarterly print newsletters, weekly email blasts and client appreciation events

We welcome the opportunity to work with your existing estate attorney and/or CPA. If you don’t have these existing resources we have relationships with Elder law and Estate Planning Attorneys as well as CPAs and would be happy to personally introduce you.