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You’ve worked 40+ years towards retirement and it’s just plain wrong to worry about losing your hard-earned savings due to market volatility when you’re so close to the goal line.

Retire from your job, not your paycheck.

Join us for this invitation only, complimentary Dinner Event at Red Rocks Café. This invitation is for you and your spouse or adult guest between the ages of 59 and 75. Seating is limited. Guarantee your seat now by using one of the convenient RSVP options below.

Learn the Financial Risks Your Retirement might be exposed to as we discuss:

  • We can’t predict the future, but we can be proactive in mitigating risk
  • The biggest obstacle to a successful retirement
  • Taxes and how to minimize them
  • Understanding fees inside mutual funds and 401k
  • Pensions and Social Security - how and when to claim
  • The critical importance of shifting from accumulation to preservation of assets as you enter retirement

Market losses 5 years on either side of retirement can dramatically derail your retirement plans. 
Don’t risk it now. 
Whether you are retired or nearing retirement, you deserve the peace of mind of a second opinion so that you can retire fearlessly.

There is no cost or obligation but you must reserve your seats by calling:
(336) 391-3409 or register online by clicking on this link:

The material covered during these events is most applicable for adults between the ages of 59 and 75. Please no children, brokers or other agents.

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