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If there were a significant missing piece of Social Security information that could cost you money do you have a process to find out about it?

If there were a significant missing piece of Social Security information that could cost you money now or could cause a problem in the future, when would you want to know about it?  Now? 5 years from now? Never? 

If you are retiring soon or have recently retired you must attend this complimentary workshop with Doug Ray of The Wealth Guardians Radio Show and take the guess work out of important decisions affecting your financial future.

In this upcoming one-hour workshop learn

  • Your best Social Security strategy BEFORE signing on the dotted line.
  • How to legally reduce or eliminate Social Security taxes, IRA taxation and income tax that could save thousands!
  • Identify potential Social Security dollars falling through the cracks so that you can spend them the way YOU want instead of giving them back to the government.
  • The importance of incorporating Social Security income into a broader retirement income strategy whether married, widowed or divorced.

There is no cost or obligation but you must reserve your seats by calling:
(336) 391-3409 or register online by clicking on this link:

Thursday,  November 8th
6:30 pm

Tuesday, November 13th
6:30 pm

Broyhill Conference Center
at The Historic Broyhill  
3540 Clemmons Road | Clemmons, NC 27102

Seating is limited. Please call to reserve your seat today! 

The material covered during these events is most applicable for adults between the ages of 59 and 75. Please no children, brokers or other agents.

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